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7 June
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Hello everyone l am a Travelling Professor, Inventor of the Extraordinary, Musician, Paleontologist, and Full time Toy Soldier.

As the Antipodean Federation Of Melbania/Melbourne 3000 Division Leader of Dr Steel army of Toy Soldiers l am very passionate in helping the good Dr Steel in building a Utopian Playland were we can all live a fun filled life.

l am a huge fan of Old Magic and Side Shows of a past time, there is just something beautiful about the old school magic shows. l also love Steampunk and Victorian Gothic fashion. Currently l am working on many designs for a men's Steampunk clothing range with the help from my partner and Pedlar of assorted whimsy simi..

l am also working on many fine inventions , l am always looking for new assistants to help me in my Dreamland Laboratory, .

l urge everyone that is not part of Dr. Steels Toy Soldiers to enlist straight away so our dream can come true.

Thank you for your time and l hope to hear from you all soon


Professor Von Bradley